Shaffer Delivers Slam

Shaffer Delivers Slam


Shaffer Delivers Slam


By Trey McCurry.

Richie Shaffer delivered a towering grand slam in the sixth inning to help the Tigers defeat Georgia. caught up with Richie following Tuesday night’s victory.

On his homer in the sixth inning:

We did a great job of extending that inning. I think the whole inning changed when Hinson was able to steal second base and leave a base open. Then they walk Schaus, Pohl gets hit on a pitch inside, and I was able to come up and put a good swing on the ball. It was a fastball up in the zone and I had an idea it was gone, but I was not sure. You never know with these bats. I think we did a great job today as a team. We got down early, but were able to fight our way back and keep innings going. We had some things bounce our way that weren’t bouncing our way and that is just baseball. You keep battling and eventually things will go your way.   

On multiple team homers in back-to-back games:

I would say it is guys are just getting more comfortable in the box. I think most of the starters are up around 70-80 at-bats now. We are just trying to set in to the everyday grind of the season and getting more comfortable. 

On the upcoming UNC series:

It is going to be huge. North Carolina is a very good ballclub and are playing really well right now. We are going to have to go up there and execute and be on top of our game. 

On the lineup falling back into place:

We have had to do some patchwork with the injuries. The young guys have stepped up. It is great to see Brad, John, and Spencer back in the lineup. It is good to have some normalcy and consistency. You never want to see a different lineup every time you come to the field. It is good to have those guys back so hopefully we can keep the ball rolling. We are all pretty comfortable wherever they put us. All of our guys are very versatile and you can contribute that to Coach Leggett and the work we go through in the fall.



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