Morris: "Nobody is ready right now"

Morris: "Nobody is ready right now"


Morris: "Nobody is ready right now"


Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris is installing major changes to the Clemson offense this spring, including how the plays are called.  The transition is going well so far according to Morris.

The offensive line will get more help this season calling protections in the new up tempo offense.

“Tajh will call some of our protections, the running backs will call some of our protections.  The offensive line, all they have to worry about is getting up there and getting set.  Let us do the work for you and you block them,” said Morris.

Coach Morris will use flip cards and other ways to call the plays this season.

“I can’t say all of my secrets.  We are.  We are doing some hand signals still.  We have a bunch of flip cards.  Every receiver is responsible for a color and he is looking at his stuff.  That is kind of what that is,” said Morris.

What will Tajh be looking for on the sidelines?

“He’ll get numbers, he’ll get colors.  He’ll get it all.  It depends on what series we are in,’ said Morris.

The Tigers are trying to install a good portion of the offense this week.

“Boy wow.  We had a hectic day today as far as install.  I told them we can’t let the grass grow underneath our feat.  That is one thing we can’t do.  We have to continue to keep pushing them.  We have to keep coaching them hard.  I can’t let up.  We can’t let up on installs.  Our coaching staff is doing a great job.  I want to iterate that.  They are really doing a good job.  I am teaching them and we are teaching we are teaching the kids.  It is a two step process.  Going back to what I have said we have to keep pressure on these kids,” said Morris.

The offense is making progress, but there is still plenty of work to be done before the season opener.

“Nobody is ready to go right now, but we don’t have to.  That is the great thing about it,” said Morris.

Watch coach Morris discuss the new offense, how the plays will be called and much more on TCITV:



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