Hopper: "I felt it"

Hopper: "I felt it"


Hopper: "I felt it"


By Ashley Denny/Robert MacRae.

Germone Harper, one of the top athletes in the Carolinas, hadn’t planned to make a commitment on Friday, but the feeling was just right so he pulled the trigger during an unofficial visit to Clemson.

“I didn’t plan to commit today.  I didn’t think I should wait any longer.  It was just right there.  I felt it,” said Hopper.

The Clemson staff has the day planned out for Hopper and Nick Dawson.

“It went great. They way they had everything setup for our visit was great.  They had the whole day setup for us.  We were the only two down here today.  We went out to eat.  We got to go touch the rock and they played a video for us on the field.  We got to see what life would be like at Clemson,” said Hopper.

During a meeting with coach Swinney the prize recruit made his commitment.

“I went into the office with Dabo.  I let him know I was All In and I wanted to go to Clemson,” replied Hopper.

How did coach Swinney respond to the good news?

“His face was really red.  He took it serious.  He shook my hand and made me look him into his eye.  That helped me feel good about my decision.  When I committed everyone told me welcome to the family.  That also made me feel good about the decision,” said Hopper.

How does it feel to have his decision behind him?

“I feel good.  It is a lot of weight off my shoulders.  I feel like I made the right decision.  Everyone gave me some positive feedback.  The Clemson fans are already showing me some love,” said Hopper.


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