Moore Enjoys Pushing Himself

Moore Enjoys Pushing Himself


Moore Enjoys Pushing Himself


By Ashley Denny.

After practice Wednesday, Defensive Tackle Rennie Moore spoke with TCI about his new starting role and how ready the defense will be for the 2011 season after going head to head against Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris’s new offense in practice.

“The offense is moving, I love it though” Moore said of Morris’s spread offense. “I’m just happy I don’t have to go up against them during games, they just keep building every day.”

Moore who has taken over Jarvis Jenkins’s starting spot at tackle after Jenkins graduated at declared for the NFL draft insists that he enjoys working hard and pushing himself in order to prove to Head Coach Dabo Swinney and Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele that he’s the right man for the job.

Coach Kevin Steele has helped motivate Moore by telling him that redshirt freshman Tavaris Barnes is coming right behind him but although Moore keeps that in the back of his mind, he remains focused on getting the job done and pushes himself harder each practice.

“Coach Steele tells me to keep working,” Moore said. “I just keep doing what I’m doing, I’ve been doing it since I’ve got here, worked behind Jarvis when he was here, was in a five man rotation and now that I got this spot I plan on keeping it. I just will keep bringing what I can to the table and I know once Tavaris learns his plays he’ll contribute and we’re going bring it.”

Moore who weighs in now at 276, realistically believes that he will be able to get up to 280 before the beginning of the season and still be able to keep his motor.

“I think I could carry 280,” Moore said. “As long as I can keep my burst and be able to use my speed, at 280 I feel I’ll be good, at 270 I feel I’ll be good too. I think I’m strong enough to be effective at either weight.”

Moore believes that keeping his motor running is the best thing that he can do this season to be successful as a starter.

“Everybody’s going into all these different types of offenses this year,” Moore said. “I just feel I need to get off the ball and fight it, just keep running because if I fall I’ll fall into someone. As long as I keep my motor running nothing bad can happen.”

Coach Swinney believes that Clemson’s offense will be the fastest running offense in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Moore couldn’t agree more.

“Going up against our offense has redefined tired for me,” Moore said. “After that scrimmage today, I’m definitely tired but you have to take it, it’s a learning experience. I like pushing myself though so I like this challenge.”



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