Morris Looks for Attitude on Offense

Morris Looks for Attitude on Offense


Morris Looks for Attitude on Offense


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- According to Clemson’s first year Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris, the Tiger’s offense is slowly but surely coming together, and like Head Coach Dabo Swinney, he’s encouraged with how the offense has progressed since the beginning of Spring Practices.

“Eliminating turnovers is the key right now,” Morris said. “From now on we need to keep getting better in that regards and then we’ll be even closer to the finished product.”

As for his thoughts on Clemson’s quarterback, Tajh Boyd?

“Tajh is doing a good job, I’m very proud of him” Morris said. “He’s growing and learning as they all are. The thing about Tajh is that he tries so hard, I try to stress to him that you don’t have to score on every play, some plays are not designed to score, but he just wants to make a play every play, and it’s more about managing the game but he’s learning that.”

Morris knows that right now the game seems like a blur for Boyd however he knows that it will eventually slow down.

However, he is very impressed with how Boyd has taken his leads and has improved at running the football, and his footwork, especially he is proud of Boyd for the leadership role that he’s taken on this season and how he continues to gain the respect of his teammates.

As for the offensive line, where most of the competition has been during the offseason as the coaches try to find a starting left tackle to replace Chris Hairston, there are several players that have impressed Coach Morris.

“I tell Dalton Freeman all of the time that as the center he has to be the quarterback of the offensive line,” Morris said. “And he’s definitely stepped up and taken the responsibility. Landon Walker is the other guy on the offensive line that’s been the most consistent of all of them up front, and we’re very proud of him. We’ve got a lot of guys on the line that we’re shuffling in and out and they just continue to improve.”

As for the three running backs, Demont Buice, DJ Howard, and Rod McDowell who are trying to earn bigger roles on the offense this spring, Morris is pleased with how they have proven themselves so far this spring but believes that they all have areas that need work.

“All three of those running backs have established themselves as role players on this football team,” Morris said. “However as of right now, I don’t think they can be every down backs, but each one of them brings a different mentality to the field, and they’ve improved this spring so much that I believe we can put them in games  this fall and we’ll still be able to manage and run our offense.”

Coach Morris knows that Clemson has always been known for having great defense, so this spring he has challenged his offense to continue to push themselves so that Clemson will become an offensive powerhouse as well.

“I want our guys to take the approach, that you know everyone always talks about our defense and we should because Coach Steele and those guys are doing an unbelievable job, but I tell our guys when we walk on the field, when people talk about Clemson Football we want them to mention offense,” Morris said. “We don’t play second fiddle to nobody, when we step on the field I want them to have that type of attitude, the ticked off attitude, and if we play with that type of attitude then the sky is the limit for this offense.”



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