Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect


Practice Makes Perfect


By Nicole Smith.

This past week can be described in two words: Crunch Time! All of us Rally Cats have been doing nothing but working extremely hard each night the week on perfecting our national’s routine! Looking back at the beginning of this week, our routine has improved 150 percent! We are all so very proud of our improvement as a team and our improvement as individuals. The practices have not been easy, but they have definitely been worth every second! In fact, now that it is already Friday, the team really wants and hopes time will slow down! This next week is the last week all sixteen of us team members will have the chance to dance together.

After nationals we only have one week to prepare for the 2011-2012 tryouts. As excited as we all are to welcome new members onto our team, it also crushes our hearts to know our team will never be the same. Saying goodbye to our senior teammates is going to be a challenge for all of us. They have worked so hard this year to make Rally Cats an unforgettable and amazing experience, and our team is the closest we have ever been before. We all look forward to cherishing the next five days of practice, having a blast in Daytona, and doing our absolute best when we step onto the stage!

To help with our preparations for nationals, the Rally Cats and Cheerleaders are holding an exhibition on Tuesday night at 7 pm in the Jervey Gym. This is our last chance to practice our routine before we head to Daytona at 5 am Wednesday morning. We hope to see all of our friends, family and fans at Jervey at 7pm, April 5th to support and cheer on The Clemson Rally Cats and Clemson Cheerleaders.

Both teams cannot wait to make Clemson proud next Thursday and Friday at the national cheer and dance competition in Daytona Beach!




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