Tuesday Leggett Postgame

Tuesday Leggett Postgame


Tuesday Leggett Postgame


By Trey McCurry.

TheClemsonInsider.com caught up with Clemson head coach Jack Leggett following the Tiger’s extra inning victory over Coastal Carolina Tuesday night.

On the importance of the win tonight:

On a scale of 1 to 10: a 20! We told the kids it is a 30-game schedule here at the end of the season. We just look at it as 1-0 right now. We’re not looking back and are only going to go forward. We have always figured out something in the past and we will again. We just need to get that feeling back again and get our guys where we needed to be. Coastal is a legitimate team and a good ball club. They are well coached and a regional-type team. They have been playing all year long and have really good pitching. The way the game was going, we had to play an error free game to win and we did. It was one of those games that we needed something to go in our favor. It was a frustrating game for a long time. It was 4-3 there for a long time. We needed to tie it up and did. I was hoping we could win it in the ninth, but we could not quite get that done. So we had to get them out in the tenth and then get something going again. Brad Miller got the hit to start us off and that was huge, then Epps was hit by a pitch. We couldn’t get the bunt down, but were able to move up on a ball in the dirt. After Lamb’s walk, it was time to go to McGibbon and see what he could do for us. 

On getting Miller back in the field:

He made three really good plays. That was big for us. Richie Shaffer made a couple of good plays as well going in the hole and then the big catch in foul territory in the 10th.  We played well defensively and just did what we had to do. 

On Haselden’s performance tonight:

We got a good effort. He threw strikes and when he did get behind, he came back. He got behind 2-0 a good bit, but he came back, made good pitches, and got the outs when he needed. He was around the strike zone and did a good job battling for us all night. 

On the two big hits by Attanasio and McGibbon:

They did a good job for us. Those are tough decisions to make. Stolz is a good player for us, but with the pitcher they had in we thought Dominic get a good look. They had the infield in and he just needed to get a ball to the outfield. He did a really nice job with it. McGibbon is a tough kid and a tough out. He practices hard, is always prepared, and keeps his head in the game the whole time. He was ready to do what he had to do and he battled. We were this close to not getting this opportunity, but when it got to the 3-2 pitch he got his pitch and did something with it. 

On the confidence boost a win like tonight can have:

I hope it can give us some. We need something to get our confidence rolling. Anytime you win, it is a confidence boost. We just have to come back and build off this tomorrow against a good Western Carolina team.


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