Crawford the Next Great 93

Crawford the Next Great 93


Crawford the Next Great 93


True freshman Corey Crawford hopes to be the next great Tigers to wear No. 93.

“That was my number in high school.  The coaches thought I would look good in that number.  I knew some great players had that number so it makes me want to play hard to do as well as those guys.  The coaches told me they just don’t give that number to anybody so you have to live up to it,” said Crawford.

How has the spring gone?

“It has gone pretty good.  If it hadn’t been for Andre Branch, Malliciah Goodman and Kourtnei Brown helping me out it wouldn’t have gone as good,” said Crawford.

Corey believes the time at Hargrave will help him in the long run.

“I didn’t like that environment at first, but it helped me out a lot.  When I got here it made the transition easier,” said Crawford.

Corey had his first touchdown in Death Valley in Saturday’s scrimmage when he returned a turnover for a touchdown.

How did prep school help his game?

“It tought me better technique.  The competition wasn’t that much different, but they helped me technique wise,” said Crawford.

What does it take to be a great bandit?

“I think you have to have good speed and be versatile.  You have to know how to play the linebacker position and the defensive end position,” said Crawford.

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