Offense Easy to Learn for Stoudt

Offense Easy to Learn for Stoudt


Offense Easy to Learn for Stoudt


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- Freshman quarterback Cole Stoudt could be getting ready for the prom this month however instead he is here at Clemson attending Spring Practices and trying to grasp as much of the new offense as he can before the summer workouts begin.

“Enrolling early and participating in Spring Practice has been great,” Stoudt said. “I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun doing it. Coach Morris’s offense is simple and very easy to pick up, it only took me a few days to grasp it and now I’m just trying to continue to improve.”

Although Tajh Boyd is unarguably the starter for the Tigers, Stoudt realizes that he is an injury away from possibly being able to play.

“Tajh is the guy right now and behind him are Tony and I,” Stoudt said. “Tony and I have to be ready to go in whenever we need to. But I know that both of us are ready to go in when we need to and do what we have to, but we’re capable of taking it one play at a time and stepping in if needed.”

Stoudt believes that one of his best qualities as a quarterback is the fact that he has the ability to remain calm and not get frazzled when something goes wrong during a game, however still be able to get excited when something goes how he wants it to.

According to Head Coach Dabo Swinney, Cole Stoudt is definitely in the lead for the backup spot over freshman Tony McNeal, however although it is seen as a boost of confidence for Stoudt he doesn’t take it to his head.

“It feels really good hearing that,” Stoudt said. “But this is just Spring Ball and we have a long way to go before camp starts and our first game, so I’m just going to take that as just a little something to build off of and help me keep going, hopefully I can continue to improve from where I am now.”

Stoudt, whose father was a successful quarterback in the NFL, looks to his dad as another coach and learns from his dad through the advice that he gives.

“It was good to go back to Ohio and talk to my dad over spring break when I didn’t have Coach Morris or Swinney there,” Stoudt said. “It’s very helpful being the son of an NFL quarterback, but I know that my dad has a lot more knowledge than I have right now so he gives me bits and pieces of his knowledge as I go.”

Overall, Stoudt believes that he’s done a good job grasping the offense however he knows that he still has a lot to get used to.

“In the spring, I’m just grasping the offense and understanding what I need to do on every play, Stoudt said. “In the Summer I want to get back into the flow of things and keep improving every day, maybe throw with receivers to keep everything going and get used to the tempo of the game which I’m starting to get used to.”

As for running the football, Stoudt has always been taught that you don’t always need to get a 50 yard gain.

“I’ll run when I need to, I’ve always had the ability to run and try to get as much as I can,” Stoudt said. “I’ve always been taught that instead of always trying to get a 50 yard gain, you just need to get enough yardage to get what you need to get and if that means I’ll only run 5 or 6 yards, then I get 5 or 6 yards and will move onto the next play.”

Stoudt calls Morris’s offense the fastest thing he’s ever seen however he’s starting to adapt to the tempo and getting comfortable with what is being thrown at him.

Clemson’s coaches and players have all expressed how impressed they’ve been with Stoudt this spring and how they believe he’ll be a great player for Clemson. What does Stoudt think of their praises?

“I think if I keep getting these coaches doing what they’re doing, than anyone getting coached by these guys will have a pretty good shot,” Stoudt said. “Hopefully I’ll learn everything that they know and they will help me improve as a quarterback.”


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