Hopkins Buying into Offense, Boyd

Hopkins Buying into Offense, Boyd


Hopkins Buying into Offense, Boyd


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- Earlier this week TCI was able to catch up with Clemson receiver DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins and spoke with him about what he thought about the Tigers new offense, Offensive coordinator Chad Morris, and how he feels first year starting quarterback Tajh Boyd is doing this spring.

“This offense is something the players really like,” Hopkins said. “We just have to get used to it right now, we’re new to the offense so the main thing is to get in shape for this offense it’s not the classic sit there and call plays in huddles, it’s custom, we’re trying to catch defenses off guard, but everyone loves it and we’re all buying in.”

Hopkins, who’s considered Clemson’s number one receiver at this point, has not only bought into the Coach Morris’s new offense but to Clemson’s new starting quarterback Tajh Boyd.

Clemson’s offense this year raises a lot of doubts with a new quarterback and new offensive system but Hopkins seemed confident that their offense would be successful right away.

Where does his confidence come from?

“It comes from Tajh,” Hopkins said. “Everyone thought last year that Tajh should have had more opportunities to lead this team, and now that he’s out there guys feel comfortable with him both on and off the field. “

Hopkins, who didn’t really get a chance at a starting role until midway through last season, has always felt comfortable with Boyd as they worked out together for the majority of last summer.

“Tajh and I have a great chemistry,” Hopkins said. “In the game, he threw my first touchdown and I caught his first touchdown, so we vibe together very well, we’re on the same track every play, always on the same page and this off season, he’s the type of quarterback that will be out here on a Sunday working with the wide receivers.”

Although Hopkins is certain that the Tiger’s offense can be successful with the offensive weapons that they possess now, like Head Coach Dabo Swinney and Coach Morris, Hopkins is excited for the 2011 recruiting class to arrive this summer for camp.

“I feel like we have the keys out here right now to go out and win games,” Hopkins said. “But the recruits that we have coming in are definitely going to help us out.”

As for his thoughts on first year Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris?

“Coach Morris is a great coach,” Hopkins said. “He’s energized on the sidelines, I feel like he knows what he’s doing out here and he’s making the team better along with the coaching staff.”



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