Smith Not Planning on Red-shirt

Smith Not Planning on Red-shirt


Smith Not Planning on Red-shirt


By Keith McGonigle.

Woodland High School athlete Robert Smith was one of many on hand to see the Tiger’s spring game.  The 5’10” 200 lbs. standout liked what he saw from his future teammates.

“I think the scrimmage was great.  I thought the offense was really good and looked very exciting.  The defense also did well against a very hard offense to defend against,” said Smith.  

The standout athlete will most likely end up at safety when he gets to Clemson, but did the new look offense make him want to change to the offensive side of the ball?

“I will play wherever they tell me to play because I think the coaches will put me in the best spot.  But when I was sitting down watching the game with my dad, I was thinking playing in that type of offense is so much fun.  It give everyone a chance to touch the ball, everyone has a chance to make plays,” said Smith.  “Once they install a wildcat offense I think I would be a good candidate.  If they allow me to, I would love to play there.”

Smith strongly considered enrolling early in January, but decided against it.  Does he regret the decision?

“I think about the decision, and I have talked to [early enrollees] Tony McNeal and Joe Gore.   But I don’t really regret it.  I have been able to do some things that I would not have had the chance to if I enrolled.  I got to spend time with my father, and other activities that sports did not allow me to do,” said Smith. “I don’t regret it, everyone was behind my decision.  Even the coaches were behind me.”

Even though Smith will be switching from quarterback to safety, he says he has no plans of being red-shirted.

“The coaches have told me that I have a good chance of not being red-shirted.  I have a chance at competing for a second string spot at strong or free safety,” said Smith.  “They said I already have the right size and can run good enough.  If I catch on quickly I will be able to see the field.  The only way I will get red-shirted is if I prove to them that I am not ready.”

Any early goals?

“Most people believe I will be red-shirted, but I am not planning on it.  I ignore what people have been saying because you can’t judge me based off a position I’ve never played,” said Smith. “I want to have five interceptions in my first year and get as many tackles as I can get.  I am going to measure myself off guys like DeAndre McDaniel and Marcus Gilchrist.”



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