LB Dawson's Heart with Clemson

LB Dawson's Heart with Clemson


LB Dawson's Heart with Clemson


By Keith McGonigle.

The Clemson coaching staff has taken a particular interest this year in the state to the North.  The staff has already offered over 12 prospects from the state of North Carolina scholarships.  Nick Dawson, the standout linebacker from Phillip O. Berry Academy (NC), is one of the players Clemson has set their sights on. 

What does Dawson like about Clemson?

“Everything,” said Dawson.  “I like their scheme and how I would fit in at linebacker.  I also like the fact that Coach Pearman has given me a lot of one-on-one time.”

The 6’3” 230 lbs. linebacker says he is open right now and has no favorites but his heart my somewhere else.

“My heart is with Clemson right now, but I am still all open.”

When asked what Dawson looks for in a school he responded,

“I don’t really know what I look for.  But when I get to Clemson it all falls into place.  When I get to Clemson, I always feel like I’m with a family, even though I am just visiting.”

The talented linebacker has already accumulated 12 scholarships from many top schools like Miami, Auburn, Tennessee, and Louisville. 

One of Dawson’s teammate Athlete Gerome Harper is already verbally committed to Clemson; does that affect his decision at all?

“Yeah he is trying to get me down there.  That affects me a lot because I want to play in college with him,” said Dawson.  “But I don’t want to move too fast, I want to look at my options, and visit everywhere.”

Dawson racked up 123 tackles, 6 for loss, 6 sacks and an interception returned for 85 yards last year.  He says his biggest strengths are his lateral movement, ability to hit and find the ball.  He plans on spending the offseason improving his 40 time.



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