Scott Has Tigers Among Leaders for Blanks

Scott Has Tigers Among Leaders for Blanks


Scott Has Tigers Among Leaders for Blanks


By Derek Tyson.

Travis Blanks put on a show Sunday at the Nike combine in Tallahassee, FL as he competed with some of the top players from Florida.  Derek Tyson of Infusion Sports caught up with Travis after the combine.

“We had a lot of Florida guys.  We had guys from South Florida and Central Florida coming up so it was real good competition.  It made them better and made me know that I need to keep working to stay where I am at,” said Blanks.

What was the competition like with the top receivers out here today?

“I was just natural at it.  I just came out here to work.  I just came off a camp performance at the Nike camp at Georgia.  I just came out there and it was normal routine for me really,” replied Blanks.

The Tigers are one of the teams up front for the prize recruit.

“I am still taking visits.  Georgia, Auburn and Clemson they stick out to me a lot right now.  I am still taking visits and analyzing the situation and looking at the schools I want to go to right now,” said Blanks.

This summer Travis plans to visit some camps and narrow the field.

“I probably won’t narrow it down until mid way through the summer.  I have to make an early decision because I am graduating early,” said Blanks.

Where does Florida State rank in there?

“No comment,” replied Blanks.

What does Travis like about the Tigers?

“They need DBs man.  It is a family atmosphere.  I clicked with the coaches right off the bat when I went up there,” replied Blanks.

Coach Scott has built a strong bond with the Florida standout over the past year.

“Me and Jeff Scott have a really good relationship.  He has been recruiting me for Clemson.  He has been recruiting me for about a year now,” said Blanks.



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