Kelly Continues Visit Tour

Kelly Continues Visit Tour


Kelly Continues Visit Tour


Buffalo, NY quarterback Chad Kelly is back home after visiting the Tigers and the Noles.  It won’t be long before the top quarterback is back on the road.

“It feels good to be home.  It has been a while.  I have been fortunate to be able to take the trips and enjoy the experience,” said Kelly.

After visiting Clemson for the spring game weekend the prize recruit headed south to visit Florida State.  Chad said the visit was similar to his visit to Tigertown.

“Florida State was good.  I had a good time talking to the staff.  From the academics to the facilities it was a nice place.  It was the exact same as Clemson,” said Kelly.

Three other visits are on tap for next week.

“I am back on the road next week.  I am going to visit Michigan State, Purdue and Michigan next week,” said Kelly.

The process is starting to wear on the New York standout.  When would he like to make his decision?

“Hopefully I can make it in the next two months.  It is already starting to get stressful.  I am just letting god lead me in my decision,” replied Kelly.

What will be important when he makes his final decision?

“It will be wherever my family and I think I will fit best.  It will be my decision.  It will be where I will spend the next four years of my life.  It is a big decision so everything will have to come into play,” said Kelly.

Uncle Jim Kelly, former Buffalo All-pro, will help provide information during his decision process.

“He will know who the next NFL coaches will be.  He will know how long the coaches will be there and if they are likely to be gone in a year.  I don’t want to have to change coaches and learn a new offense after a year or two.  I want to go where I know the coach will be there for four years.  He is trying to help me the best he can,” said Kelly.

Are there any other schools you would like to visit?

“Yeah, hopefully Alabama and Miami,” replied Kelly.



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