NC State Moving on Without Wilson

NC State Moving on Without Wilson


NC State Moving on Without Wilson


By Ashley Denny.

TCI had a chance to speak with North Carolina State’s Head Football Coach Tom O’Brien on the annual ACC Spring Head Football Coach Media Call, and heard what he had to say about how he felt the Wolfpack has progressed during spring ball, how first string quarterback Mike Glennon has been performing for him, and he also answered the questions surrounding the possible return of his starting quarterback Russell Wilson, who left the program to pursue his career in professional baseball.

“I feel really good about how our team progressed this spring,” O’Brien said. “We accomplished a lot of the goals that we set out to in the spring and look forward to getting ready to go here in the fall.”

As for Mike Glennon, the quarterback that has had to step up into the starting role after Russell Wilson left to pursue his professional baseball career, O’Brien couldn’t be prouder in how quickly Glennon has stepped up and taken control of the team.

“Mike has made great progress,” O’Brien said. “You know this is the third spring that he’s been the first string quarterback, so I think he’s ready to take control of this offense. He’s as talented as any quarterback that I’ve had, he just needs the opportunity to play and he’ll get that this fall.”

As for questions surrounding the possible return of quarterback Russell Wilson, who could possibly come back to NC State for the 2011 season, O’Brien cleared up these questions quickly.

“We’re not waiting on any decision with Russell,” O’Brien said. “He’s with the Colorado Rockies, and we’ve made our decision, we’re going forward with Mike Glennon as our quarterback and we look forward to see what Mike can do. This team is moving forward and we’re not waiting on Russell or the Colorado Rockies to make a decision one way or the other. “

O’Brien continued by telling reporters that Wilson had made his choice when he decided to go play baseball and if he were to return for the 2011 season, he would be would be spending the season on the bench.

As for the defensive side of the ball, after making vast improvements last season, O’Brien is confident that the Wolfpack defense will be even better throughout the 2011 season.

“Well we have our top eight tacklers back from last season, so I definitely think we have a chance at having a great defense,” O’Brien said. “We have the experience factor now, which I couldn’t say two years ago when we played all of those guys as freshmen. But they’ve learned a lot and have improved, and we’re only hoping that we’ll be an even better defensive team than a year ago, and experience can help that happen.



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