Road Trip - Javarius Leamon

Road Trip - Javarius Leamon


Road Trip - Javarius Leamon


By Ashley Denny.

TCI had a chance to visit offensive tackle Javarius Leamon earlier this week and spoke with him and his head coach Brian Lane about how his recruiting process is going so far, where Clemson stands with this talented recruit and what impressed him the most about his junior day visit to Clemson.

Leamon who has received offers from Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, Auburn, Vanderbuilt, and East Carolina, is considered by his head coach Brian Lane as a physical presence on both ends of the ball as he plays both offensive tackle and defensive line for Woodruff.

“Jarvarius is one of those guys that have gradually improved,” Coach Lane said. “Being a 6”4’ middle school kid, it always stands out so he’s just been improving. The biggest thing is the weight room; he’s very strong in the weight room which has lead to his confidence on the field. That’s been an upside for him and his physical presence on the field felt really good for us last year.”

Lane has no doubt that he’ll be able to look to Leamon as a vocal leader for Woodruff throughout his senior season.

“Javarius is a leader,” Lane said. “He’s going to play both ways, so will have to be a well conditioned leader. I feel like he is capable of leading, he has led, he’s going to work hard and do whatever it takes to win, he’s the kind of kid that I like to coach.”

When speaking to Javarius, it was made clear how much he has enjoyed the recruiting process so far, and how not too long ago, he didn’t believe that he’d be going through this process and gaining so much interest from top Division 1 universities.

“I think it wasn’t until South Carolina offered me after I attended their camp last summer that I realized that football could become my career,” Leamon said. “It’s been so long since someone from my high school has gotten an offer from a Division 1 school that I was shocked when they offered, and after they offered, the offers kept coming.”

As for Clemson? Leamon was present at Clemson’s first Junior Day and definitely liked what he saw.

“The highlight of Clemson’s Junior Day for me was running down the hill and being able to put on the jerseys,” Leamon said. “That in itself makes me excited to play football at the next level. We also got to the Clemson Basketball game, and I haven’t been to a Clemson Basketball game before so that was an awesome experience.”

Leamon also had the chance to meet with Clemson’s new offensive line coach, Robby Caldwell and believes that they really hit it off well.

“He’s a funny guy,” Leamon said. “He’s good too; he knows a lot and is a great coach.”

What makes Leamon so recruitable?

“I think I’m coachable,” Leamon said. “I try to do the right thing, I try to set an example for the younger players and not just tell them what to do.”

When does Leamon plan on making his decision?

“I have a feeling I’m going to be making my decision on signing day, and I look forward to signing my own letter of intent to go play Division 1 football”



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