Another Major Sports Triple

Another Major Sports Triple


Another Major Sports Triple


By Staff Report.

Clemson, SC— When Clemson was selected for the NCAA Baseball Tournament on Monday, it became one of  10 schools to accomplish the Major Sports Triple in 2010-11.   The program was one of  10 school to go to a bowl game, the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and the NCAA Baseball  Tournament this year.

 The schools who accomplished the feat this year were Arizona, Clemson, Connecticut, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas State, North Carolina and Texas A&M.

 This is the third consecutive year Clemson accomplished the Major Sports Triple and joins ACC rival Florida State as the only two teams in the nation to do the feat three each of the last straight years.   

Clemson Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips and Florida State Athletic Director Randy Spetman have been at their respective schools for each of those seasons and are thus the only athletic directors nationally  to have their programs accomplish the Major Sports Triple each of the last three years.

 This is the second time in  history Clemson has accomplished the Major Sports Triple three consecutive years.  Clemson  also accomplished the feat from 1995-96 through 1997-98 under Athletic Director Bobby Robinson.    Overall, this is the 10th academic year Clemson has accomplished the feat.

Schools to Accomplish Major Sport Triple Last Three Years

            2008-09 (13):  Clemson, Boston College, Florida State, Kansas, LSU, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina,  Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Utah.

            2009-10 (8):  California, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Texas, Texas A&M

            2010-11 (10):   Arizona, Clemson, Connecticut,  Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois,  Kansas State, North Carolina, Texas A&M

            Years Clemson Accomplished Major Sports Triple

      Year            Basketball          Baseball                             Bowl

      1979-80      Elite 8                   College World Series         Peach

      1986-87      1st Round              Regional                              Gator

      1988-89      2nd Round            Regional                              Citrus

      1989-90      Sweet 16              Regional                              Gator

      1995-96      1st Round              College World Series         Gator

      1996-97      Sweet 16              Regional                              Gator

      1997-98      1st Round              Regional                              Peach

      2008-09      1st Round              Super Regional                   Gator

      2009-10      1st Round              College World Series         Music City

      2010-11      2nd Round            ???                                        Car Quest



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