Q&A with Sacred Heart Coach Giaquinto

Q&A with Sacred Heart Coach Giaquinto


Q&A with Sacred Heart Coach Giaquinto


TheClemsonInsider.com caught up with Sacred Heart Head Coach Nick Giaquinto Thursday at Doug Kingsmore.  Find out what coach Giaquinto has to say about the Tigers, his team and more!

Opening statement: 

“The Clemson hospitality has been great since we got here. We’re really just looking forward and getting out there and playing tomorrow.” 

On the Clemson atmosphere: 

“We experienced an atmosphere similar to this when we went on our southern trip – we played at LSU and Mississippi State. We didn’t quite get the fans that we’re anticipating this weekend, but we have experienced some big time college baseball. We also played at UNLV who had a very nice ballpark. Because of that, I think we have a better team that’s ready for anything.” 

On Sacred Heart’s style of play: 

“We always talk about playing nine innings and being aggressive. We try to execute on the little things; we really focus on base running, playing solid defense, throwing strikes, etc. We try to play sound, fundamental baseball. The guys really buy into it and the take pride in their practices and take pride in their games. They’re just looking forward to playing a great game tomorrow.” 

 On facing a solid team like Clemson: 

“We are definitely the underdogs in this tournament, we realize that, but our goal is still the same. We’re here to win the tournament. Our goal is to go out and play solid defense, throw strikes, and to win. That’s where our focus is. Some of the guys may be using the “underdog mentality” as motivation, but I think we’re just a motivated group that prepares all year. We’re just ready to go.” 

On playing with confidence: 

“Our guys are confident. They’ve played with confidence all year. Our one, two, three hitters are seniors and we have some sophomores that have 100 games under their belt, so this is an experienced group. I know they are going to have some jitters early on, but I’m sure we’re going to play well and play Sacred Heart baseball.”


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