Leggett, Schaus, Hinson, Shaffer Postgame

Leggett, Schaus, Hinson, Shaffer Postgame


Leggett, Schaus, Hinson, Shaffer Postgame


Clemson head coach Jack Leggett, Jeff Schaus, John Hinson and Richie Shaffer held a press conference following the Tiger’s victory over Coastal Carolina.

Shaffer and Hinson both hit homeruns Saturday night and Jeff Schaus had a defensive gem as he grabbed a ball off the wall and threw out the runner at second.

Hinson on Regional Performance

“I feel comfortable at the top of the order, but I have confidence in all of our guys at the plate.  I think seeing a lot of pitches and knowing what kind of approach to take to the plate has been big for us,” said Hinson.

Schaus on His Throw in 7th

“He really hit it solid.  It was just a reaction play.  It bounced right back to me and I just tried to make a good throw,” said Schaus.

Shaffer on Clemson’s Offense

“I think now that it is crunch time and you have a full year of at bats behind you means you have also had a full year of making adjustments.  I know that has helped me and I think the other guys on the team, as well,” said Shaffer.

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