The Facts on Bellamy's Picture with Cash

The Facts on Bellamy's Picture with Cash


The Facts on Bellamy's Picture with Cash


Thursday morning future Clemson running back Mike Bellamy posted a picture on Facebook that showed him with a large amount of cash.  The picture quickly circulated around the Internet causing all kinds of unfounded rumors. spoke with Bellamy’s high school coach Binky Waldrop to get the facts on the situation.

“We got to the bottom of it.  A while back Mike and his cousin were in the weight room.  They were waiting for his aunt to come get them.  The aunt had just cashed a check at the bank.  Mike took the money and fanned it out and took a picture of it,” said coach Waldrop.

How long ago was the picture taken?

“I am not sure how long ago it was.  It was over a month ago.  I am guessing around six to eight weeks,” replied coach Waldrop.

Coach Waldrop spoke with Mike’s grandmother and aunt to get to the bottom of the situation on Thursday.

“I talked to the aunt today.  It was like $1,500 or $1,800,” said coach Waldrop.

In the age of the Internet and Social Media innocent posts from athletes can quickly become the source of great speculation.  Many quickly jumped to the wrong conclusions after Mike posted the picture Thursday morning.  Coach Waldrop was amazed of the impact of such an innocent picture posted by his star athlete. 

Now the unfounded rumors should be put to bed and Mike can enjoy his final few weeks at home before he enrolls at Clemson in early July.


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