Blanks Discusses Spur of Moment Decision

Blanks Discusses Spur of Moment Decision


Blanks Discusses Spur of Moment Decision


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- After attending camp at Clemson University this week, Tallahassee, FL native, and highly touted safety prospect Travis Blanks woke up this morning thinking about Clemson. After driving through the University of Georgia’s campus, on his way home from camp, Blanks continued to think about Clemson and it was then that he decided that it was time to join the Clemson family and commit to the Tigers.

TCI caught up with Blanks after committing and heard from him why Clemson beat out over twenty other division one universities fighting for his services.

First of all Travis, when did you know that you wanted to come to Clemson?

Well I felt it in my heart this morning after attending Clemson’s camp, and after driving through Georgia’s campus I continued to think about Clemson so I knew then that it was time to commit.

How did you end up telling Head Coach Dabo Swinney that you were All In?

I told him that I had good news and bad news; I wanted him to think that I decided to go somewhere else. The good news I told him was that I really felt that I had gone closer to him and the other coaches while at camp. Then I told him the bad news, that I would be shutting down all of his receivers come January.

What other school were you seriously considering?

Georgia was very close behind Clemson, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision to commit today, but now that I have I’m sold on Clemson and know that I made the right decision for me.

How do you feel now that your decision’s been made, do you feel like you have a weight lifted off your shoulders?

Definitely, it feels great to have my decision made. I’m a solid commitment too; I won’t be visiting anywhere else besides Clemson.

What was your main reason for choosing Clemson over Georgia?

I’d have to say the relationships I’ve built with the coaches, I’ve grown close to every single one of the coaches and I feel at home when I’m there which was important in making my decision.

Now, what is Clemson’s plan for you when you arrive in January? Are you going to play cornerback or safety for the Tigers?

Coach Swinney said that I’m going to be moving around a bit, playing both cornerback and safety. I can play any position in the secondary so that’s what I’ll be doing for Clemson. I don’t think I’ll be returning punts and kicks though for Clemson like I did in high school.

What is your reasoning for wanting to graduate from high school early and enroll in January?

I mainly want to be able to get a head start on both practicing with the team and taking classes, that way when football season comes I will already have completed a semester.  Also by enrolling early, I have a bigger chance of gaining early playing time which is very important.

When you heard of the other commitments that occurred this week in defensive backs, Ronnie Geohaghan and Cordrea Tankersly, did that help you in making your decision or make you commit earlier than you expected you would?

No, their commitments had no effect on me making my decision but I am very excited about their commitments and being able to play with them.

Have you grown close to any current Clemson players so far from your visits?

Jonathan Meeks is like a brother to me already, I roomed with him this week while at camp and called him right away today after committing, we have a great relationship. He’s very excited for me to come join him at Clemson.


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