Crosby - A Young Talent from Bamberg

Crosby - A Young Talent from Bamberg


Crosby - A Young Talent from Bamberg


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- Although he is only entering his sophomore year of high school, linebacker Kevin Crosby out of Bamberg, SC is someone to keep an eye out for. This 2014 prospect has already received offers from Clemson, South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Texas Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State and several others, after having a superb freshman season recording 78 tackles and 6 sacks on the defensive side of the ball, and 14 receptions for 306 yards on offense.

TCI had a chance to speak with Crosby over the weekend about what the recruiting process has been like for this highly touted recruit, and where the Clemson Tigers stand as his list of offers continues to grow.

First of all Kevin, how are you enjoying the recruiting process so far, you kind of a head start on others in your recruiting class having so many offers already, how exciting is this experience for you?

This experience is very exciting however it’s a lot for a freshman in high school to take on.

I know it’s very early in the process for you, but do you have a leader at this point? If not, which schools are contacting you most regularly?

I don’t have a leader at this point, but I probably hear the most from Clemson, Carolina, and Illinois.

How many times have you visited Clemson?

I’ve visited Clemson lots of times; my last visit for camp was my second this year. I was at the spring game in April too.

Since you were on hand for the spring game this season, what are your thoughts on Coach Steele’s defense? Do you see yourself fitting into it if you decide to come to Clemson?

The defense Clemson runs is the exact same defense we run at Bamberg, so it was very easy for me to get used to running it at camp this week; I was able to pick it up right away.

What would you say your highlights are of the visits you’ve taken to Clemson?

I’d have to say the coaches; I have a great relationship with the coaches at Clemson and like hanging out with them. I love the family atmosphere at Clemson as well.

Being that you’re a 2014 recruit with several offers already, what do you think it is that makes you such a desired recruit?

I’d say it would be my size, speed and playing ability.

When do you think it was that you realized that football could become your career?

I used to play baseball and run track, and decided to give up playing the other sports to focus on football and as soon as I did that and started getting bigger and faster, that’s when schools started to really take interest in me and I started to get more offers.

Talk about the camp at Clemson that you attended this week, what was it like? Did you get a chance to meet any current Clemson players?

It was a lot of fun, Martin Aiken and I were only there for the second day of workouts, but I enjoyed it. Coach Steele introduced me to several of the current Clemson linebackers, and other defensive players that day at lunch.

Which coach do you think you spent the most time with?

Coach Steele, I spent a lot of time with him. He’s awesome though, I like how he gets in your face and will tell you when you’re doing something right or correct you when you do something wrong.

Now, as teammates with Martin Aiken, who’s going through the last year of his recruiting process, what advice has Martin given you as you start your process?

Well Martin’s not only my teammate he’s my cousin, so he’s always giving me advice on how to do interviews, and other tips to help the process go better. He always tells me to continue to work hard and not slack off because my hard work will pay off in the end.


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