Aiken Days from Announcement

Aiken Days from Announcement


Aiken Days from Announcement


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- TCI had a chance to catch up with highly recruited defensive end Martin Aiken out of Bamberg, SC this week. Aiken is prepared to make his college decision on June 26th at 11:30 AM and has narrowed his list down to Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech. Are the Tigers in the lead for another Bamberg superstar? Here’s what he had to say about where his head’s at, how he enjoyed his visits to both Clemson and South Carolina and what advice his family members and coaches gave him as he gets ready to make one of the biggest decisions he’s had to make.

First of all Martin, you’re less than a week away from making your final decision on where you will be attending college in the fall, how excited are you for the process to be over?

I’m very excited. I’ve been going through this process since my sophomore year and I’m excited to make my decision and get ready for the next step in my football career.

How close is the race between Clemson, Georgia Tech and South Carolina?

It’s very even. I like things about each of the three schools and am taking this week to go over everything with my family and coaches and make my final decision. I visited Clemson for their first camp session two weeks ago and took a tour of the South Carolina campus last week so I’ll have a lot to look at when making this decision.

How did you like Clemson’s camp? Do you feel like you learned a lot from attending?

Oh definitely, I feel like I learned a lot from the coaches at Clemson’s camp. It was all in all a great experience and I’m really happy that I attended. I got to meet a lot of other recruits and was able to spend a lot of time talking with Coach Swinney and the other coaches.

You also took a visit to South Carolina last week how did that visit go for you?

It went good; it was actually the first time that I got to tour their campus so I enjoyed being able to do that.

Now your mom and coaches have been a big part of your recruiting process, what do they think of the final three schools you have on your list?

My mom and coaches agree with me that these three schools have been the best visits and should be in my final three. They tell me to go wherever my heart leads me but would be happy with me going to any of these three schools.

What about your teammates?

They’re the same way, they want me to be happy with the decision that I’ve made and although they may have a personal preference of where I go, they know in the end it’s my decision and I’m going to go wherever my heart tells me to go.


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