Walls Hopes Hard Work Pays Off

Walls Hopes Hard Work Pays Off


Walls Hopes Hard Work Pays Off


Future Tigers Colton Walls is counting down the days until he enrolls at Clemson for the second summer session.

“It’s only 12 days.  I’m getting excited,” said Walls.

Colton has been working out six days a week so that he will be ready to compete when he arrives on campus.

“I have been working out at Velocity Sports in Charlotte.  We have been doing some good speed training.  A couple of NFL guys are working out there and some Division 1 athletes.  I am doing that on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,” said Walls.

Four days a week Colton does the workout plan provided by the Clemson staff.

“On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do the Clemson workouts they gave me.  On Saturday I do double workouts,” said Walls.

Colton is eager to show the staff at Clemson how hard he has been working.

“I am ready to get to Clemson and show them how I have been working,” said Walls.

Every night Colton takes a little time to get in some work with his father and former NFL All-Pro tight end Wesley Walls.

“I have been catching about 200 balls a night with my dad.  I saw him drop the first one in about 18 years last night.  I was all over him.  He was trying to catch it with one hand,” said Walls.

The two-way standout has been keeping in touch with some of his future teammates.

“I am going to room with Stanton Seckinger, Eric MacLain and Morgan Roberts.  I have been talking with them a good bit,” said Walls.

Colton and Morgan have battled for years at two rival private schools in Charlotte.

“We really didn’t like each other two years ago.  Now we are like best friends,” said Walls.

What are Colton’s goals for his first year at Clemson?

“I would love to get a special team’s job.  I would also like to get into the rotation at linebacker and see if my abilities match my work ethic,” replied Walls.

The Charlotte Latin standout can’t wait to get to Clemson.

“I am ready to get out of here.  I have been here long enough.  I have film study every night with my dad.  I am ready to go watch some film of some other guys,” said Walls.


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