Jarrett Ready to Provide Depth

Jarrett Ready to Provide Depth


Jarrett Ready to Provide Depth


In just ten days defensive tackle Grady Jarrett will enroll at Clemson.  Over the past few months the Conyers, Georgia star has been working to prepare for the summer workouts at Clemson.

“They have been going good, real good.  I am just working hard.  I have been working out with people from school,” said Jarrett.

What is the weekly workout routine?

“I have been working out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I lift in the morning and run in the afternoon.  I alternate sprints and distance,” replied Jarrett.

Future teammate Cortez Davis recently made a visit.

“Cortez came up and chilled with me for a week.  We just hung out,” said Jarrett.

“I’m really looking forward to it.  I am ready to go.  I am ready to get this thing going,” said Jarrett.

What is Grady hearing from the Clemson staff?

“They just call to check in and see how I am doing.  They want to make sure I am going the workouts and see how I am coming along,” replied Jarrett.

Coach Brooks will be looking for some of the young players to step in and provide depth in 2011.  Grady hopes he can make the rotation.

“I am going to go up there and do my best.  If I am fortunate enough to play this season I am going to take full advantage of that.  If they want me to redshirt I will do that, but I am going up to get a spot if I can.  They need somebody at nose to provide depth.  That is where I am trying to come in and compete behind Brandon and Renny,” said Jarrett.


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