Roberts Ready to Go

Roberts Ready to Go


Roberts Ready to Go


Morgan Roberts has been working hard this summer to prepare for the competition at Clemson.

“It is going great.  I am having a great time working out.  I have been working out at Velocity a lot.  I have also been doing a little bit of yoga.  I have a few more days to hit it hard,” said Roberts.

In just a few days Morgan will enroll at Clemson.

“I am moving in on July 3.  I think most of the guys are moving in that day,” said Roberts.

Who will be rooming with Morgan?

“I will be rooming with Stanton, Eric and Colton,” said Roberts.

Former rival Colton Walls will be a teammate when the two enroll next week.

“It has been interesting.  You grow up and every year it is Charlotte Latin and Country Day in the finals every year.  You don’t hate the people you just hate the idea.  They are in your way every year for the state championship.  We didn’t really know each other, but we knew the rivalry.  Rumors flew around that we didn’t like each other because we were the ones people talked about from each team,” said Roberts.

As Morgan got to know Colton off the field the two became good friends.

“Once we met off the field we hit it off.  It is amazing how that works.  We worked together off the field.  We were two people with great drive wanting to push ourselves.  We pushed each other to be the best we can.  It helped me a lot.  Growing up most of your friends don’t have the same goals you do, but Colton did,” said Roberts.

At one point the staff looked to possibly greyshirt Morgan, but he now has a chance to battle for playing time this fall.

“I don’t know if I will red-shirt or not.  I am hopefully going to go down and have a good July and August and show what I can do.  Whatever the coaches want me to do is fine,” said Roberts.

Is the former Charlotte Country Day standout nervous about leaving home or excited to get on campus?

“I am definitely excited about getting down there.  I am ready to go.  I am not nervous at all.  I want to get down there and work with the team.  That is one thing I miss this summer is not being able to work with the team.  That is what makes me happy is to work with the team and try to make everyone better,” replied Roberts.


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