Watkins Visits Tigers, Dawgs, Tide

Watkins Visits Tigers, Dawgs, Tide


Watkins Visits Tigers, Dawgs, Tide


4-star defensive tackle Carlos Watkins traveled around the Southeast last week to see several top programs, including the Tigers.  The first trip was a visit to Clemson on Thursday.

“We came down on Thursday.  I came with my family.  We got there and talked to a few of the coaches.  We talked with coach Brooks as coach Swinney was not in town.  Then we went to Vickery Hall and toured the academic center.  After that we went around campus and then went back to the stadium where we got to go in the locker room and go over to the hill,” said Watkins.

The tour of Vickery Hall was a hit with the prize recruit’s parents.

“They loved it.  That is a big part of it for me, the education.  My mom really likes it at Clemson.  She really enjoyed it,” said Watkins.

After visiting Clemson Carlos headed to Alabama and Georgia.

Alabama:  “It was great.  We toured the place.  It looked great down there.”

Georgia:  “Coach Gardner showed us around.  We had a great time with him.”

When asked if he has a favorite, Watkins responded, “It is hard.  It is hard to give one right now.  You know when you take visits it changes the outlook on things.  I really don’t know yet.”

The new visits may have delayed the timing for a decision for the top defensive tackle.

“It is really tough to decide.  I am going to have to take some officials.  I am going to take them during the season.  I don’t want to wait too late,” said Watkins.



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