The Guillermo Diaries - The Opening

The Guillermo Diaries - The Opening


The Guillermo Diaries - The Opening


Clemson verbal commitment Jay Guillermo, the leader of the 2011 class, is doing a diary with  In this edition Jay talks about the trip out to Oregon where he showed his skills against some of the top players in the nation at The Opening.

It was a great experience.  I really enjoyed the trip.  Everything was first class.

I thought I did pretty well overall.  It was nice getting to meet some of the guys.  I got to meet some of the linemen I will get to play with in the Under Armour All-American Game.

On the last day we had the challenges.  The first half of the day was a normal day.  We did the linemen challenge and all of that good stuff in the morning.  We had four challenges.  Overall the offensive line beat the defensive line.  They beat us in the tug-of-war.  We won the tire pull.  We also won the bench challenge.

Then in the afternoon we went into the linemen challenge.  We got to go one-on-one against the defensive line.  We all got two reps each and then they picked the top five.  The top five got three reps each.  From what my coach told me I won all three of mine.  It was great going up against the best. 

There were some big ole boys there.  I told my high school coach earlier today that I think I am big here, but when I got out there with those guys I see that I am nothing.

It was nice being out there with the other Clemson commits.  I got to spend a lot of time to bond with them before we get to Clemson.  I didn’t really know Chad because we had only talked a few times on the phone.  It was nice to get to meet him in person.

I saw Jody Fuller and he was wearing a South Carolina hat.  I told him to get to take that junk off and then he told me he had just committed to South Carolina.  We joked around a little.  He is a good guy.

Now I am just going to stay home and work with my team.  I am going to snap some for 7-on-7 games.  We start school on August 2.


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