ACC No-Brainer for Sapp

ACC No-Brainer for Sapp


ACC No-Brainer for Sapp


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- When watching a Clemson Basketball game, it’s very hard not to notice the energy that the team brings to the court.  Their energetic style of playing is one of the main reasons why 6-3 guard T.J. Sapp out of Oakland Park, FL chose to play his college basketball at Clemson University.

“When you’re watching them play, you’ll l see everyone’s rattled up,” Sapp said. “Everyone’s jumping, even the bench, the bench is jumping up all of the time and Zay (Anderson) will have to hold them off the court. I just love their energy and how they play; they play my type of game.”

Sapp also chose Clemson because of their tremendous defense, something that became apparent under Head Coach Brad Brownell in last season in his first year with the Tigers.

“Their defense was tremendous,” Sapp said. “It was hard for teams to score on them; they held most teams to the lowest that they scored all year.”

What’re Sapp’s thoughts about his coach Brownell?

“He’s a very cheerful guy,” Sapp said. “He talks to you as if he’s your friend, but I’ve seen him when he’s on the court and he’s in coaching mode, and he’s a coach. I like how he can turn it off and on. Outside he’s real cool, he’ll give you advice and will eat lunch with you, and he’s a real cool guy.”

Sapp also considered schools like UCF, USF, Old Dominion, Georgia, Nebraska, and Alabama and said that having the chance to play in the ACC made his decision an easy one.

“Being able to play in the ACC was a big factor in my decision,” Sapp said. “The ACC is the best conference out for like the past 10 years, in the past 10 years they probably have 5 championships. And the ACC is guard heavy, so as a guard the chance to come in and play in the ACC was big for me. It made my decision a no-brainer.”

The toughest part of the transition for Sapp from high school to college has been the constant movement.

“The transition hasn’t been tough except for the constant movement. Having to be organized at this point in time, waking up early for workouts and going to class straight from workouts I’m just constantly going.” Sapp said. “It’s a big transition, but it’s something that I’m going to have to get used to, the only thing that’s different is not having your mom and dad around.”

For Clemson fans that haven’t seen Sapp in action, here’s how he described his style of playing.

“I’d say I’m a guy who will come in and work hard,” Sapp said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get on the court, and help the team, whether it’s pumping the guys up or scoring. At times I’m a really good shooter, I’m a good passer, wouldn’t say great but it’s something I’m working on. I’m a guy who just loves to learn and play the game of basketball.”



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