McDaniel's Dream Comes True

McDaniel's Dream Comes True


McDaniel's Dream Comes True


The long wait ended Monday for DeAndre McDaniel when the NFL lockout ended.  The phone started ringing quickly for one of Clemson’s best safeties ever.

“Basically I was waiting for the lockout to end so teams could start calling.  I didn’t think it would happen until tomorrow, but tonight teams were able to start calling,” said McDaniel.

Why did the Saints land the top safety?

“I just felt like the Saints were the best fit.  It was honestly about their safeties.  They only have one guy on their roster right now.  They have two others that are free agents.  Even if Sharper decides to return he would be a great guy to learn from,” said McDaniel.

The Saints were not the only team to call DeAndre Monday.

“Houston was the first team to call.  Then Denver called.  The Giants actually called after I had already told the Saints I would come there,” said McDaniel.

DeAndre and many others were shocked when his name was not called in this year’s draft.  The lockout left him waiting to see where he would play.

“It has been really tough.  It was just because I didn’t know where I will play,” said McDaniel.

How did DeAndre react to the news Monday?

“It was a dream come true.  I got off the phone and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I called everyone and let them know and then my phone started ringing off the hook,” replied McDaniel.

Earlier Monday evening coach Swinney got the good news.

“Coach Swinney text me to see how I felt now that the lockout was over.  He didn’t know yet that I was going to the Saints,” said McDaniel.

The draft results gives the All-American extra motivation as he enters the NFL.

“I already had a chip on my shoulder.  I was already hyped up.  It has been a lifelong dream.  It was a big shock not getting drafted.  That made the chip even bigger,” said McDaniel.

When will the former Tiger head to New Orleans?

“I will hopefully head down tomorrow (Tuesday),” said McDaniel.


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