Coleman Living the Dream

Coleman Living the Dream


Coleman Living the Dream


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC- When TCI spoke to Clemson Basketball freshman Devin Coleman, who enrolled at Clemson earlier this summer about how well the transition from high school to college has gone for him, Coleman responded, “I’m living my dream.”

“Every boy that plays basketball growing up dreams about playing in the ACC,” Coleman said. “They dream about playing against or for teams like North Carolina and Duke and I’m doing that, I couldn’t be more excited.”

Coleman, the 6-3 guard comes to the Tigers from Friends’ Central School, a private school in Wynnewood, PA and although he was recruited by Clemson as a two guard, he knows that he may have to switch positions.

“I’m ready to do whatever the coaches ask me to do,” Coleman said. “Whatever I can do to help the team, I’ll do it no matter what. Once you get on the court, I just play so whether or not I stay a two guard or switch to point during some games it doesn’t matter I can play either.”

As for his range, Coleman says it’s extended and that he can hit the three when needed which is something the Clemson program will definitely need from him.

When asked about playing against teams in the ACC such as Duke and North Carolina, Coleman was quick to say that a team’s rank doesn’t mean anything once they step on the court.

“All of that stuff just makes you work harder,” “Listening to ESPN and people’s opinion, they put Duke and North Carolina up on a pedestal.  And we’re gonna come out here and compete with everybody, there’s no pedestals in our mind; we’re coming at every team like it’s our last game. All of the rankings and everything, none of that matters once you step out on the court.”

Coleman, who came to Clemson from a private school, has already dealt with a lot of adversity throughout his basketball career.

“Playing for a private school, public schools in our area were always held to a higher standard by the media” Coleman said. “Even though our team often beat public school basketball teams, people in Philly kind of downplay what we do. Two players from my high school made it to the NBA and seeing those two do that, it reassures me that it can be done, even though many people in Philly say we can’t.”



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