Moore Ready to Stop the Run

Moore Ready to Stop the Run


Moore Ready to Stop the Run

By caught up with Clemson defensive tackle Rennie Moore following the second practice of August.

“It was good today, real good.  I think team wise we did real good.  Defensive wise we did great.  We have to work out those kinks,” said Moore.

Rennie is working to improve his technique for stopping the run.

“I am trying to show the coaches that I can do both.  I can be a run stopper and a pass rusher.  I just need to keep working the kinks out and work on my technique,” said Moore.

What did he do over the summer to work on his rush defense?

“I trained with coach Batson and he really helped me with my hips, just staying low.  That is really what it is all about.  Got my hips right so I can play me some ball and knock those boys back,” said Moore.

“It is working out there right now because I took on McClain and it felt pretty good,” said Moore.

Watch Rennie discuss practice, stopping the run, his weight and much more on TCITV:


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