Boyd Ready for Some Contact

Boyd Ready for Some Contact


Boyd Ready for Some Contact


“Growing up I played so many different positions that you get use to it, whether it was defensive end, linebacker or safety.  I played fullback one time.  It was aweful.  It is just one of those competitive things about me.  You see guys like the Tebo’s and everything, fist pumping.  I don’t think I will take it to that extreme, but I definitely don’t mind contact,” said Boyd.

So Tajh played defensive end?

“I did play defensive end.  I had a few sacks in my day now,” said Boyd.

How has the first week been for Tajh?  What has surprised Tajh the most the first week?

“I guess I would say my leadership level and my control of the offense.  It definitely improved since the spring and I think it came from my knowledge of the offense.  The more confident you are the more you feel like you can be in that leadership role,” said Boyd.

Is there one receiver that Tajh is getting into a grove with so far?

“Not specifically.  All three of those guys have worked reps with me.  It is to the point where school starts the 25 so we have a little bit of time.  I need to get some time out here to work with those guys.  We get a little bit of time with them in the summer, but they come in so late.  Sammy is one of those guys that can fly.  You just throw it out there and he is going to make a play.  Martavis is a high point guy and he flies too.  Charone is shifty and you can just stick it in there to him.  There are certain things they all have differently.  You have to learn how to work with them,” said Boyd.

How is it with the new QB camera?

“The camera is actually pretty cool.  Coach gets to see what I see out there on the field whether it is good or bad,” said Boyd.

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