Boyd New Weapon for Offense

Boyd New Weapon for Offense


Boyd New Weapon for Offense


By Ashley Denny.

CLEMSON, SC-Earlier this week, TCI had the chance to speak to the Tajh Boyd, Clemson’s starting quarterback and heard from him how he’s adjusting to the starting role and how he’s dealt with running the football again, something he hasn’t really done since high school.

“Football is supposed to be exciting,” Boyd said. “Having a quarterback that can run the football is just a whole new element, it’ll put pressure on defenses and will be just one more thing that they’ll have to try and stop. I think it’s a key for our offense to be successful and it’s something that’s really going well right now. I’m just excited at the direction our offense is headed.”

Although Boyd looked like a natural runner when he scored the touchdown at Clemson’s spring game, did he do a lot of running in high school?

“Somewhat,” Boyd said. “We ran option but at the same point, we had a very successful running back.  I ran some here last year, but not like this. Now I have the opportunity, and that’s why this offseason was so important for me to get in shape and work on my speed development, hopefully things will work out the way they’re supposed to.”

Boyd knows that he will be getting hit a lot this season, however he knows he needs to play smarter by not taking as many big hits as he did last season and learn to slide when he has to.

“You’ve got to be tough for this position, but you can’t take too many hits,” Boyd said. “The most important thing is to protect yourself. Last season I took a lot of unnecessary hits, opportunities when I could have slid, unless it’s a dire situation like fourth down, you have to go down and take what you can, but these are the kinds of things you learn from maturity level and experience. Sometimes I’m going to have to take some hits because that’s what’s best for the team but I also have to protect yourself because that’s what’s best for the team at the same time.”

Just like he did in his senior year of high school when he played seven games on a knee injury, Boyd knows that he will give his heart and soul to this football team and will do whatever he can to help them win football games.

“It starts with Dalton (Freeman) and me,” Boyd said. “And that’s something we talked about today. We’ve got to pick each other up, if we have a bad play, this is one of those offenses where we may have 10 for 10 bad plays and then we’ll start rolling. You’ve got to be patient about this offense because when it hits it’s going to hit and I’m just excited about the way it’s going to go.”




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