Ellington Pleased with Scrimmage

Ellington Pleased with Scrimmage


Ellington Pleased with Scrimmage


TheClemsonInsider.com goes one-on-one with Andre Ellington following the Tiger’s first scrimmage of the season.

What did Little Bit think of the first scrimmage?

“I thought we did some good things.  We have a lot of other things we need to improve on also.  We had a lot of penalties.  They are things that we can correct and we are going to do that this week,” said Ellington.

How did Andre feel out there in the scrimmage?

“I felt pretty good.  I got a little fatigued at times, but its not something I can’t work on.  I felt pretty good,” said Ellington.

How comfortable is Andre with the offense?

“The biggest thing is getting comfortable with the five guys up front.  We kind of have a bond now.  I have been there with those guys and they do a good job of hatting guys up,” said Ellington.

Is the offense comfortable with the tempo?

“It is something you get use to but we still want to speed it up a little bit more.  We are not going as fast as we want to but that will come this week with practice,” said Ellington.

How did Tajh look Saturday?

“Tajh is doing good.  He is looking good.  He is stepping it up and being a leader out there.  He is being more vocal and I like that,” said Ellington.

How did Mike Bellamy look?

“He did pretty good.  He surprised me a little bit.  He acts like he doesn’t know what is going on sometimes but he actually does and he showed it out there today,” said Ellington.



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