Will 2013 WR Follow Watkins to Clemson?

Will 2013 WR Follow Watkins to Clemson?


Will 2013 WR Follow Watkins to Clemson?


By Ashley Denny.

TCI had a chance to speak to 6-4, 185 pound receiver Jayron Kearse out of Fort Myers FL, this week. Kearse who is from the same town as Clemson freshman receiver Sammy Watkins, talked to TCI about how his recruiting process is going so far, when his eyes were really opened that he could have a career playing football and what he looks for when he visits universities.

First of all Jayron, how many offers have you received so far and from which schools?

I’ve received seven offers so far from Clemson, Auburn, USF, UCF, Boston College, West Virginia, Miami, and Georgia Southern.

Which of these schools do you hear from the most?

I’d say probably Clemson and Auburn, I hear from them a lot. I hear from USF a lot too but not as much as Clemson and Auburn.

Have you gone to any camps so far this summer or on any unofficial visits?

I camped at Miami, Florida and Florida State so far this summer. All three visits were great experiences that really opened my eyes.

What do you think about Clemson? Is there anything about the Tigers that stand out to you?

They have great academics at Clemson. I talk to Sammy Watkins and Mike Bellamy a lot and they tell me all about what they’re doing at Clemson and the help that they get with their studies, and I’m really looking for a school with a great academic program. I also know that I would fit in to Clemson’s new offense if I chose to go there, which is definitely important.

What do you look for when you visit universities?

I look for a program that is stable, one where the coaches that recruit me will be around to see me graduate from college. I also look for a university that stresses academics, because getting a good education is important to me. Third, I want to be on a winning team, so I look for a school on the rise, one that has had a winning program and will continue that streak once I’m there.

What do you think it is that makes you recruitable?

Definitely my size, I’m 6’4” so I’m a tall receiver. I also think I catch recruiters’ eyes because of my character and the fact that I can do things and make plays that other guys my size cannot.

When did you realize that you could make a career out of playing the game you love?

Well I played Pop Warner football growing up, and playing in junior high school too but I don’t think I realized until I was a freshman in high school that I could play in the college level. My eyes were opened when I saw guys from my neighborhood go off to college on football scholarships and be successful, that’s when I realized that I could do it too.

Has your coach given you any advice on how to go about the recruiting process?

Not really, all he tells me is to continue to be level headed and stay humble which is important for me to do throughout this process.

Do you have any goals for your upcoming season?

All I try to do every season is be better than the last season. If I try and make personal goals for myself I tend to focus only on them and not playing football so instead I just try to go out there and do better than the year before.



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