The Guillermo Diaries

The Guillermo Diaries


The Guillermo Diaries


By Jay Guillermo.

Last Tuesday we had a scrimmage.  I strained by Achilles tendon and got a high ankle sprain.  I was blocking a linebacker and a guy came up behind me and rolled it up.  The day after I could barely walk on it.

I will be fine for the first game.  We had our jamboree last Friday.  We only played our starters for a couple of plays and our quarterback didn’t play at all.  We didn’t want anyone else getting hurt.

I get up every day and do laser treatment on it.  It helps promote the healing.  It has been helping a lot.  Every night I soak it in ice water.

I am very excited for the first game.  Actually before the Jamboree me and my other teammates have a little tradition we do before each game.  I was over in my polo shirt but I was so hyped up that I head-butted him as hard as I could.  I was ready to hit somebody.

I have been emailing with coach Caldwell some and coach Brooks.  I am starting to talk about seeing up my official visit with Clemson.  That will be the only one I take.  I am not sure when it will be.  Coach Brooks and coach Scott are trying to figure that out.  They want to get all of the committed guys there at the same time.

I think I should be down for the Troy game.  I don’t think I’ll make it to Wofford.  I know I will be down for Auburn and Florida State.



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