Morris - Offense Getting Better by the Day

Morris - Offense Getting Better by the Day


Morris - Offense Getting Better by the Day


Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris was pleased with what he saw Saturday in the Tiger’s scrimmage in Death Valley.

“I thought we had a good productive scrimmage.  Some of the guys we need to make improvement in the backup roles really came through today.  We saw some positive signs in those areas.  I continue to be impressed.  We did some really good things.  We are getting better.  You can sense it every day.  You can sense it every practice.  I am pleased with where we are.  We need to continue to work on being physical but we have taken huge strides to get there,” said Morris.

Who are some of the players that had a good afternoon?

“Adam Humphries made some plays today.  Some of our running backs, DJ made some plays today.  Hot Rod made some plays today,” said Morris.

Mason Cloy started at guard on Saturday.

“Mason Cloy had to step in there in place of Antoine today.  I haven’t watched film but thought he did a really good job.  It was good for us to see, see him in that type of role,” said Morris.

Is coach Morris surprised at how quickly Watkins has grabbed a starting slot?

“Am I surprised at Sammy, no.  That is why we recruited him.  They recruited him for about three years.  Sammy is doing a great job.  He was unable to go today.  We kept him out today so we could see some guys in some backup roles.  He will be ready to go Monday.  It is not just Sammy we have a lot of those young guys that are really stepping up,” said Morris.

Is coach Morris pleased with the tempo?

“No question, no question.  I think our tempo is really good right now.  They are understanding it.  They are practicing fast.  They are playing fast.  Once they get their legs back under them we will be even faster,” said Morris.

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