Allen - Tempo Second Nature

Allen - Tempo Second Nature


Allen - Tempo Second Nature


Dwayne Allen had another impressive scrimmage Saturday.  Allen spoke with the media after the scrimmage.

“The scrimmage went well.  It was a situational scrimmage.  The offense and defense were put in certain situations that we didn’t cover until this point so I felt like both sides were able to get better today,” said Allen.

Is the tempo second nature for the players now?

“The tempo should not be a problem.  If it is you are not going to be on the field.  We had the spring and the summer and now working two and a half weeks.  The tempo should not be a problem,” replied Allen.

There is no comparison to the old offense when it comes to tempo.

“Last year we would snap the ball and there were less than five seconds on the clock.  This year we snap it and there are more than 20.  It is a big difference,” said Allen.

The offense struggled out of the gate in last week’s scrimmage, but scored on the first drive Saturday.

“It was good but we want to perform agains the best.  The coach had a situation where we went against the second team.  That is what we should do against the second team,” said Allen.

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