Rally Cat Report - Sequin Season Back

Rally Cat Report - Sequin Season Back


Rally Cat Report - Sequin Season Back


By Georgia Anderson.

As football season gets underway the Rally Cat Report returns to TheClemsonInsider.com.  Each week get the latest from one of the Tiger’s Rally Cats.

Words cannot express how excited I am to be back in Clemson and back to dancing with the best teammates a girl could ask for.  The Rally Cats reported to Tiger Town a week early for conditioning, dancing, and learning choreography in preparation for the upcoming season.  We have so much to look forward to this year, and you can be sure Nicole and I will keep you posted every step of the way! 

Between our spring tryout in April and our fall tryout just a few weeks ago, we added five very talented dancers to our team: Hannah (Junior), Anne Marie (Sophomore), Ally (Freshman), Katie (Freshman), and Sara (Freshman).  In addition, Katie Horton has now been named Rally Cat head coach!  Katie was a Rally Cat during her time in Clemson, has previous coaching experience, and is already making such a positive impact on our team.   

While we performed sock it to ‘em and tiger rag at the Welcome Back Festival this past Monday, our first major Rally Cat performance is just around the corner.  A week from today we will be dancing at the pep rally following the First Friday Parade.  Our senior and junior captains, Christi and Amber, really did a great job putting this dance together, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.  

Now drum roll everyone… the first football game is NEXT WEEKEND!  The Tigers will kick off the season as they take on Troy at 3:30pm in Death Valley next Saturday; I don’t think I’ll sit still all week I’m so excited!  As I’ve said time and time again, there is nothing like the feeling you get dancing on that football field and cheering on those Tigers.  It will really be a special experience for all of our newbies, as they experience Death Valley in an entirely new way. 

Running the flag, dancing on the sidelines, watching the Tigers score a touchdown, doing Tiger Rag in the end zone … I couldn’t ask for a better way to experience football game days during my college career.  Get ready for yet another exciting and sequin filled football season Tiger fans!



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