Branch Not Looking Past Troy

Branch Not Looking Past Troy


Branch Not Looking Past Troy


Senior Andre Branch is ready to run down the Hill and start the 2011 season. 

“It is always great to play against someone else and not just play against your own team.  After a while it gets kind of old because you know what they have and they know what you have.  We are definitely ready to play Troy,” said Branch.

Andre is not overlooking Troy.

“Troy is just a great team.  People are underestimating Troy.  Also we are just going into it like we do with each and every opponent.  It is just the next opponent,” said Branch.

With Troy running a similar offense, how will that help the Clemson defense?

“Since Troy has a fast-paced offense and we also have one it helps us with conditioning.  The only way you can condition for that kind of offense is to go against it,” said Branch.

How different is the conditioning this year after practicing against he up tempo offense.

“I feel it helped you get in good shape quicker,” said Branch.

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