Moore Unplugged

Moore Unplugged


Moore Unplugged


Rennie Moore gets his chance to help lead the Tiger’s defensive line in 2011.  Rennie can’t wait to get the season underway.

“I am ready to get this thing going, get it started,” said Moore.

How quick do you get tired of hitting the same players in practice every day?

“You get tired real fast.  I would say after the first week.  It is just like  coach Swinney says.  An iron shop is an iron man.  I love going against the boys.  When you get to Saturday’s it will be like clock work,” said Moore.

How will the defensive line be in 2011 without Bowers and Jenkins.

“Losing Jarvis and Quan was a big loss.  They were both the best defensive lineman that came through here.  You just have to step up.,  We still have good players.  We know everybody can do their job.  Execution, that is it,” said Moore.

Rennie got some attention earlier this month when he was sent off the practice field. 

“It wasn’t anything serious.  You are out there in 90 degree heat.  We were out there battling and hitting.  Conflicts got into it.  I said some things I shouldn’t have said.  It’s football and I am passionate about it,” said Moore.

Watch Rennie discuss the 2011 opener, the defense and much more on TCITV:


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