Bellamy - "It was a very special moment"

Bellamy - "It was a very special moment"


Bellamy - "It was a very special moment"


Mike Bellamy gave Tiger Nation memories of C.J. Spiller when he took a handoff and jetted 75 yards for a score in the second half.

“It was a great play, great call by the coaches and the line did what they needed to do make the crease and I did what I needed to to make the run,” said Bellamy.

How did it feel to score his first college touchdown?

“It was great.  But first we have to thank out team.  Without those guys that wouldn’t have happened.  Every player on the field counts.  It is just like we make great runs because those guys make great blocks.  Just like you guys give us praise and we have to give them praise,” said Bellamy.

What did coach tell Mike about tossing the ball as he crossed the goalline?

“The coach was just like we can’t do it.  But it is all a learning process, my first time, so he didn’t take it too hard on me,” said Bellamy.

Did Mike’s first game in Death Valley meet his expectations of his first game for Clemson?

“Yes sir, most definitely.  Just being out there will all of those guys.  I was just ready to go out there on the field and just enjoy the team.  That is what it is all about, the team, at the end of the day,” said Bellamy.

What was the atmosphere like at the half?

“Everybody still had the level of confidence that we did when we went out.  Nobody put their head down and everybody knew we had to stay focused,” said Bellamy.

What did Mike think about as he raced down the sideline for the touchdown?

“It was a very special moment.  All I could think about was I have to get to this endzone.  That’s all I could say,” said Bellamy.

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