Sunday Swinney Teleconference

Sunday Swinney Teleconference


Sunday Swinney Teleconference


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney held his weekly teleconference Sunday night where he discussed the Tigers victory over Troy and looked ahead to the game with Wofford.

Opening Statement

“We got the win.  We had an opportunity to play a lot of guys who got some valuable experience from playing.  I’m most proud of how they handled the adverisity, being down at the half.  They really exploded in the second half.  Also, just the discipline that our team played with, to just have two penalties.  I just thought that was really good.  One of the ig things you look at is turnover margin.  When you can win that, you have a great chance to win.  And that was the case yesterday.  We had a few records set.  I will say this.  Playing 24 new guys, i would like to credit the coaching staff.  I thought it was a better opener this year than last against a better team.  From this point on, it is all about getting better and seeing if we can go win the next one.”

Any injury updates?

“I think we are pretty good.  The only questionable one is Rashard Hall.  And he said he felt good today.  We won’t really know for sure until they check him out tomorrow.  He’s the only one I’m concerned about.”

Do you have a sign of relief after winning the first game?

“Definitely.  You can only accomplish so much at practice.  At some point you have to play somebody.  To get the win was even better.  Definitely, we got better as we went.  We held their quarterback to 57-percent, which was an outstanding job.  We did a good job verse the run except that one long run they had.  On the offensive side Tahj played better after the first half.  He got better as the game went along.  I think that is going to be the way for him moving forward.”

What earned Tajh player of the game?

“Well he was 20 of 30.  The way he responded and played very, very well in the second half.  To be honest with you if he didn’t play better we probably would have had a hard time winning that game.  He really got us going.  He made some really nice throws.  He showed some real good composure in that second half.  He settled down and I give him credit.  He brought us back.  That is what good players do, that is what winners do.”

How did the offensive line perform?

“We did okay.  We had three sacks, but really only one.  Two of those were on our quarterback which was disappointing.  The pass protection was pretty solid.  The disappointing thing was that we didn’t score down there with fourth and inches.  We still have to get a little bit more physical at times.  Just okay for the first game.  Give Troy some credit.  They did a lot of things.”

How did Phillip Price do in his first start?

“He did well.  He was the offensive lineman of the week.  He got that award.  I thought he did a really good job.  All of those first five graded as a winner.”

How hard was it to stay out of the offensive huddle on the sideline over there?

“It wasn’t hard at all.  I am on a headset no matter where I am on the field.  I am always in the huddle in that since whether it is offense or defense.  It was really no different than it has been to be honest with you.  I really liked what the coach did.  I liked having Chad down there.  It is very helpful when you can look a guy eye to eye and talk on some things.”




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