Allen Looking for Adjustments

Allen Looking for Adjustments


Allen Looking for Adjustments


Dwayne Allen may have made the play of the game Saturday against Troy when he took a pass and rumbled 54 yards into the endzone to put the Tigers on top in the second half.

“I was actually kind of tired on that play and caught the ball.  The run after catch is something that I have been working on this whole offseason.  It was something that was terrible last year, actually nonexistant last year.  I did a great job of getting open and catching the ball but that was it.  It was exciting.  It was like second nature when I cut back to the middle and turned on the burners,” said Allen.

What was different with the offense in the second half against Troy?

“We should have run the ball better.  We are a run first type of team.  There were little things they were doing that we should have been able to correct on the sideline,” said Allen.

Tajh also looked like a different quarterback in the second half.

“Oh yeah definitely.  It was his first start.  I even had a little bit of first game jitters.  I should have helped him out with some hots and I didnt’ until it was too late.  There are just some things that we will work through in practice,” said Allen.

Dwayne expects some issues with the new offense, but says the offense needs to be able to make in-game adjustments.

“There are going to be some bumps.  Hopefully not five or six straight three-and-outs like last week, but some bumps that we are going to have to be able to go out there and correct and execute.  That is something we didn’t do last week, but I hope we grow and mature and can do this week,” said Allen.

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