Morris - Get Physical

Morris - Get Physical


Morris - Get Physical


Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris’ thoughts on Saturday’s game with Wofford.

“First off, I want to give my hat off to Wofford.  They are very well coached.  They played extremely hard, just like we thought they would.  We knew they would come in and play hard.  They had nothing to lose so my hat is off to their coaching staff.  From an offensive standpoint I thought in the first half not making the first fourth and one.  We get under center and hand the ball to our big fullback and we get blown up right there.  I wasn’t real happy with that.  I wasn’t happy with the protection.  I thought overall when you compare the halves, last week’s to this week’s obviously we didn’t have as many three and outs.  That was definitely a positive and we didn’t capitalize.  We have to do a better job than that.  Some of the sacks were a running back not picking up a linebacker in pass protection.  Some of them we just plane missed a guy.  We have to get better in that regard.  In the second half I commend the guys.  We came in and were able to make some adjustments and come out and take the first two drives down the field and score.  I thought that was huge.  Finally you are seeing some progress it is just not happening as fast as I would like to see it right now.  We have got to continue to practice more physical.  We had a lot more physical practice because we are demanding it, just absolutely demanding it of our guys up front.  We have got to continue that.  We have got to continue to practice more physical.  We have got to be more physical.  That is the bottom line.  But again you are never disappointed in a win and in this profession wins are hard to come by,” said Morris.

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