Moore Ready to Make a Statement

Moore Ready to Make a Statement


Moore Ready to Make a Statement


Clemson starting defensive tackle Rennie Moore spoke with the media Tuesday about the rematch with Auburn.  It was hard for the senior to look back as last year’s game where Clemson built a 17-0 lead and took the national champs to overtime.

“Disappointed, very disappointed.  That is a hard memory to bring up right there.  I hated to see it.  I knew we had them beat.  We let up and they did what champions do, they came back and won,” said Moore.

Is Rennie looking forward to the rematch?

“Oh yeah, this is going to tell it all.  We have to step up as a team and do what we have to do.  It’s Auburn, you have to respect them.  They are national champs, they are going to try to defend it.  Their level of winning is up there now.  We got to match it.  Come to play hard and do what we have to do,” said Moore.

Is Saturday a statement game for Clemson?

“Oh yeah.  It is definitely a statement game.  No doubt about it.  I plan on making a big statement.  The defense plans on making a big statement.  I know the team will follow suit,” said Moore.

Watch Rennie discuss the rematch with Auburn on TCITV:



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