Rally Cat Report

Rally Cat Report


Rally Cat Report


By Nicole Smith.

As football season gets underway the Rally Cat Report returns to TheClemsonInsider.com.  Each week get the latest from one of the Tiger’s Rally Cats.

The Rally Cats cannot believe it is already time for the third home football game of the year! The first two home football games have been extremely exciting, but this weekend when the Tigers take on Auburn the excitement is sure to hit a new level! After watching the Tigers play against Wofford, we Rally Cats are a little nervous of how the game this weekend will be played, but we have all the faith in the world that the Tigers will pull out another win for this football season!

                This week at practice has been full of dancing, learning and reviewing! We are currently working on all three of our Tigerama dances that will be performed October 7th in Littlejohn! We want these routines to look perfect, so we have already begun the tedious ‘cleaning’ process! We spend practices dissecting each and every move of these dances and make sure we all look the same doing the moves! So far these dances look great, and we only hope that they will continue to look better after each practice! We were also very excited to learn a new sideline this week at practice!! We hope to be able to show it off at the game this weekend, if not, we will definitely be doing it on the 24rd when the Tigers play Florida State!

                Along with practicing, a lot of our teammates have been making Bi-Lo appearances throughout the week to try to make sure Death Valley is sold out at each game! During these appearances we go around to the surrounding Bi-Lo stores and hand out informational flyers about tickets to the home football games and how to get these tickets! The Rally Cats really enjoy making appearances and supporting Clemson’s Athletic programs!

                Along with football season flying by, basketball season is quickly approaching! Rock The John kicks off the start of basketball season and this exciting event will take place on October 21st in Littlejohn Coliseum! The Rally Cats love basketball season and the halftime performances that we get to do on the court! We will begin practicing and learning all of our halftime routines near the end of this month! You can also look out for the Rally Cats at the upcoming Miss Homecoming pageant on October 3rd! We will be performing our routine from First Friday, and we are very excited to cheer on all the lovely ladies that will be participating in the pageant!

                We look forward to the Tigers bringing home another win this weekend with kickoff at noon! We hope for no rain and beautiful weather on the field! GO TIGERS!



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