Brown Committed - Not So Fast

Brown Committed - Not So Fast


Brown Committed - Not So Fast


Josh Brown was back in Death Valley Saturday to watch Clemson defeat Auburn.  The atmosphere Saturday was much different than what Josh had seen the first two weeks of the season in the Valley.

“The game was cool.  It was a memorable game.  You have to be there.  I wasn’t use going to college games, but now I have been to three in a row at Clemson.  This time they were just fighting.  They came prepared to win period.  I was up on my feet saying let’s go defense.  I was rooting for the defensive line.   On a couple of plays I was on my feet clapping.  It was crazy.  I was like wow,” said Brown.

Josh quickly learned he was not in Aiken any longer.

“This is not Aiken.  It is nothing like Aiken,” said Brown.

The visit allowed Josh to get to know a number of Clemson commitments.

“I really didn’t know many of them.  A lot of them know me from camp.  I got to know some of the guys,” said Brown.

Rumors circulated Sunday that Josh may have made a commitment to the Tigers on Saturday.

 “No, I have not made a decision.  There are rumors going around that I have.  I haven’t committed anywhere yet,” said Brown.

Is a decision close?

“I really don’t know.  To be honest I am far from making a decision.  I am too deep focused on my team.  I feel like I owe them my whole focus on the team.  Going to the Clemson games and to other schools is a blessing, but I have to focus on my team.  I don’t plan to make it until after my season,” replied Brown.

 Will the top lineman be back in Death Valley for Florida State?

“That is up in the air right now.  My defensive line coach graduated from Georgia Tech.  He is going down there.  I want to experience at least one game day down there so I might go to Tech.  If not I might go to Clemson,” replied Brown.

South Aiken is even on the season after a tough loss Friday.

“Our season is going good.  We are 2-2.  We lost Friday night.  It was a big loss at home.  We lost some of our star players.  Our quarterback and left tackle got hurt,” said Brown.


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