Hopper Impressed by Tiger Fans

Hopper Impressed by Tiger Fans


Hopper Impressed by Tiger Fans


Clemson verbal commitment Germone Hopper visited Death Valley Saturday where he watched Clemson defeat the defending national champs.

“It was a nice visit.  It couldn’t have been better.  They beat the national champs and broke the nation’s longest winning streak,” said Hopper.

Two of Germone’s coaches brought him on the visit Saturday.

“I came with my head coach and my running back coach.  We had a great time,” said Hopper.

What did Germone think of the Clemson crowd?

“The crowd was great.  That was the most people I have ever seen in a stadium.  It was packed to the top.  They are diehard fans at Clemson.  That is another thing I liked about Clemson.  I was trying to talk to my coach and he couldn’t hear me.  I had to wait,” said Hopper.

What will it feel like when Germone gets to run down the hill in front of 85,000 fans?

“It will be ecstatic.  I don’t know.  They say it is the most exciting 25 seconds in football,” replied Hopper.

The All-American receiver will be back in the Valley this weekend.

“Yes, I will be there for Florida State,” said Hopper.

The prize recruit led Berry Academy to another victory Friday night.

“We did good.  We won Friday.  It kind of got out of hand in the second half and we let things slip.  We won in the end 45-38,” said Hopper.

Germone found the endzone three times.

“I did well.  I had two rushing touchdowns, a couple of catches and a kickoff return,” said Hopper.




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